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The Anime Adventures of the Little Prince

When US network Nickelodeon was fairly new, they were basically “the international children’s network”, so of course a Japanese anime based on a French children’s book fit right in.

The Adventures of the Little Prince may have actually been the first anime I ever watched, now that I think about it.

Heh, I didn’t remember it saying it wasn’t based directly on the book right there in the opening credits. Of course, serious adaptation expansion is kind of a given.

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Song Challenge Day 14: When I was younger

“A song you liked when you were younger”

Child of the 80’s here. That means I grew up with a lot of toy commercials variable-quality cartoons with catchy theme songs.

I’m not sure what it was about this particular one. Maybe just the shock of how different the way it starts is compared to the TV version made a first impression that stuck for a while, or maybe the fact that the two essentially dueling songs are as different as they are appealed to me. (Case in point.)

Regardless of why, when I was a kid I liked this song a lot more than I do now. (Much like GI Joe itself.)

It’s still the best version of the GI Joe theme, though.

(uploaded by poa9s)

Incidentally, this whole opening sequence has nothing to do with anything else in the rest of the movie.