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Video Game Challenge Day 24: Shocking Moment

“Moment that shocked you the most in any video game”

This is one where I knew what it was going to be right from the beginning. I was playing an RPG that blurred the line between fantasy and sci-fi, and around the mid-point of the game, all of a sudden my favorite character was killed!

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Video Game Challenge Day 23: Favorite Attack

“Favorite attack or special move”

It’s the old dilemma; do I name a really flashy awesome move, or a simple classic one that’s used over and over?

Here’s one of the latter:

And here’s one of the former:

Video Game Challenge Day 22: Weapons and powerups

“Favorite video game weapon, equipment, or power-up”

Time for an unexpected choice: the Tank in Final Fantasy Legend 2. No, you don’t drive around in as a vehicle; you can just carry one (or more!) of these around taking up the same amount of inventory space as a sword, a book, some eyedrops, or the ability to headbutt. (The Final Fantasy Legend games are weird. They’re really the first three games in the SaGa series, renamed Final Fantasy outside Japan to make them sell better. The first one is infamous for the fact that you can kill the Creator with a chainsaw; or you can ignore the glitch and fight him the way you’re supposed to, which involves a nuke and a glass sword.)

But it’s not just the ridiculousness that makes me say this; the tank is also both a gun and a shield. You can block while attacking; the other two weapons that have this property only hit one target, but the tank hits a whole group. Despite being weaker than the Samurai Bow (which doesn’t make any more sense than being able to carry a tank), the Tank is even a passable endgame weapon.

But on the subject of ridiculousness, the tank is first available in the same part of the game that censored opium into bananas. As in, you have to stop an illegal banana smuggling operation.

Video Game Challenge Day 21: Best Minigame

“Best minigame”

The Virtual-On type game in Xenosaga: Episode 1. It’s completely optional, and completely full of options for something so separate from the main game. You don’t have nearly as many mechs to choose from as in the fighting game minigame in Xenogears (which is another one of my favorites), but you can customize their weapons in ways that make this a better reason to collect them all than the battles in the main game are.

Video Game Challenge Day 20: Worst Minigame

“Worst forced minigame”

Specifying “forced” because the more optional something is the more ignorable it is.

Final Fantasy X has some truly terrible ones that are only semi-optional, though, considering you have to play them to get the celestial weapons. The lightning dodging one is just ridiculous.

But my least favorite of all is completely required; the “make Bowser sneeze” minigame in Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Actually, the giant Bowser battles are pretty bad too, or at least excessively hard compared to the rest of the game.

Video Game Challenge Day 19: That One Level

“That one level you hate in a game you otherwise love”

Let me explain something. Xenogears is an RPG with random encounters. It also has a jump button. Those elements combine in an annoying way, because if you run into a battle in mid-air, you lose your momentum and fall straight down.

The first half of Babel Tower is a vertically oriented area with a lot of hard jumps where missing a jump means falling back to the beginning, and it has random encounters.

Video Game Challenge Day 18: Wish you could attack

“Character the game doesn’t let you attack but you wish it did”

Some games have characters who are supposed to be on your side but are just plain annoying, and others (mostly story-heavy RPGs) have villains that you never actually fight against. Then there are escort missions, where characters you’re supposed to protect seem determined to get themselves killed. (Rafa, I’m looking at you.)

If you ask me, no other “non-enemy” game character has ever needed to get Kafrizzled as much as the priest in Fishbel in Dragon Warrior VII. The entire situation used to get Maribel out of the party for a while so Aira can join is contrived and stupid and neither Maribel nor her father become any more likable because of it either (basically, everybody acts like “missing his daughter ” is a life-threatening illness), but the priest is the worst because if you talk to him during the even he says he “cannot allow” you to take Maribel away. How arrogant does an unrelated jerk have to be to think it’s up to him to decide that?

There’s also that dog from Duck Hunt (who’s allegedly helping you but laughs at you if you miss), but thanks to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U I can finally beat the crap out of that one.