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Transforming Mecha and the History of Change

Magic shapeshifting is cool too, but there’s something about a mechanical transformation with parts moving that’s so much more appealing to me, so what I’ve always really liked have been robots, mecha, and other machines that change into other forms.

I like transforming mecha enough to make them prominent in my own writing. In Project Quintessence, the mecha called Variable Guardians transform between humanoid and animal forms, because I also love animal mecha and animal motifs in general.

So where did the idea of transforming robots really come from? Well, it actually developed gradually over time; transformation itself transformed.

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What’s coming up

Jay Dee Archer at I Read Encyclopedias for Fun has decided to start a feature called Authors Answer where several authors answer a question each week, and I’m one of the authors that has joined in. The first question will be on his blog November 7.

I’ve decided not to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. The reason? There’s no way I could write 50,000 words in a month without putting Project Quintessence on hold for that time, and losing momentum on it isn’t something I want right now.

I will try  NaBloPoMo, though, since that won’t require anything more than not slowing down from the posting rate I’m been doing already.

I want to write more for Flash! Friday, assuming “Friday” and “days I can do something like that” manage to overlap more than they have this month.

Project Quintessence blurb

This may or may not be the final, official blurb for my first novel, but I am confident that I won’t change things in a way that makes this description inaccurate.  (And if I do turn out to be wrong about that, hey, here’s a glimpse into an earlier version.)

Alice never had any problem naming things she wished she could change, but recently, her own life is changing so fast she can barely keep up. Just when she’s starting to get used to her mom getting married and her friend Ken being her new stepbrother, a strange and fascinating girl drops into her life and ends up living in her house.

Ertiada has purple hair and pentagram tattoos, doesn’t speak English very well, and flirts with Alice as soon as she asks her name. And then there’s the spellbook and the giant robot she brought with her from her world.

Before long, Alice, her brother Hiiro, and Ken find themselves joining a team with Ertiada, using aether-powered mecha called Variable Guardians to fight the monsters and machines sent by a secret organization that has some otherworldly help of its own.

I guess I need to trim down my novel

My current draft is 155,000 words. There are parts that should probably be cut regardless of length considerations, but I think I might have to cut more than I really want to to get it below the apparent maximum length for a first novel in the YA category (which seems to be around100,000 words). But I don’t think it will work splitting it in two. (In fact, what I have now is already the result of splitting up what I wasn’t entirely sure was going to be more than one novel until I’d written two chapters.)