Super Robot Wars 30! I’ve never preordered so fast!

Before I say too much, I’ll let this speak for itself:

A non-linear scenario system, huh? I’ve never played MX or Impact so that’ll be new.

It’s called 30 because it’s the series’ 30th anniversary, not because it’s the 30th game. (According to TV Tropes’ page, it’s the 69th game. Nice.)

Yeah, Gundam Narrative and Majestic Prince were in X-Omega, so they don’t count as “debuts” even though for all meaningful purposes they are.

Having the first Gundam back for the anniversary game is cool, as is getting Mazinkaiser Infinitism. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion there’s something for Getter Robo that’s not being shown yet.

After Might Gaine was in three games in a row, J-Decker gets to be the non-GGG Brave series this time.

But speaking of GGG, GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman is here. Probably the biggest surprise.

I guess Knight’s & Magic is okay. Ernesti and Ryusei can geek out together.

Of course the biggest spotlight-stealing squad is SSSS Gridman. Baby Dan Dan!

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