How to Survive in a Mecha Anime or Manga

I’m not dead, but I would be if I wound up in a mecha setting and didn’t follow these rules.

1. Don’t mentor a younger pilot.

2. If you must break rule one, don’t be cooler than your protege.

3. Don’t fight anything powered by a black hole.

4. Don’t pilot a hand-me-down mech.

5. Don’t wear a mask.

6. The color of your mech matters. Gold, blue, purple, and red are relatively safe (as long as you don’t break the other rules); green is definitely the worst color to be in.

7. On the other hand, if a machine’s power source glows green, you probably want to be on that side.

8. Don’t pilot the amphibious form of the multi-form robot.

9. Never, under any circumstances, scream in terror “It’s a Gundam!”

10. Don’t kill your rival’s loved ones. (Actually, don’t do that even if you do want to die.)

11. Don’t switch sides more than once.

12. If you have an identical twin, mention them.

13. But never suddenly reveal more about yourself than anyone knew before all at once.

14. While not as dangerous as the rest of the list, falling in love with a pilot is still risky, even if you’re a non-combatant.

15. And do not fight while your wife/girlfriend is pregnant. (Immediately after the child is born is fine, however.)

16. Despite the above, love is one of the things that can turn the tide of battle against superior firepower.

17. Never underestimate the power of music.

18. If you’ve been experimented on or brainwashed, or are a clone, you’re already in danger; don’t make it worse by doing anything that could be construed as trying to take the place of someone who’s dead or missing.

19. If anything weird happens involving the moon, expect the worst. Even (especially) if it involves butterflies or rainbows.

20. If you still don’t feel safe, get Heero Yuy to say he’ll kill you.

2 thoughts on “How to Survive in a Mecha Anime or Manga”

  1. lol — My mecha experience is pretty much limited to some Robotech books and “Pacific Rim” (unless you count John Ringo’s Looking Glass series). But even I can appreciate some of these tropes!

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