My 10 Favorite Anime OPs of the 1980s

Martial arts and robots dominate this decade pretty heavily, so it’s no surprise what genres most of the best OPs are from.

10. Dragon Ball, “Makafushigi Adventure” by Hiroki Takahashi


9. Heavy Metal L-Gaim, “Time for L-Gaim” by MIQ

I just found this one while looking for the ones I knew would be on the list, so it earned its spot here with no benefit from any memory of the show itself. This must be one of the earlier OPs to really mix languages, and with better English than a lot of the later ones.


8. Combat Mecha Xabungle, “Gale Xabungle” by Akira Kushida


7. Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam, “Silent Voice” by Jun Hiroe

Even though I know there are people who will hate me for saying this is better than “Anime Ji Nai”.


6. The Mysterious Cities of Gold, composed by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban (can’t seem to find info on who performed it)

The English song is a dub of the French one; I prefer both over the Japanese song in this case. All three openings have the same visuals.


5. Transformers Victory, “Transformer V” by Koji Kaya and the Morinoki Children’s Chorus

Actually only my third-favorite Japanese Transformers opening, yet the only one that will be on any of these lists. (Because there’s a lot more competition in later decades.)


4. Fist of the North Star, “Ai wo Torimodose” by Crystal King

Any opening that claims to be better than this without being able to back it up is already dead.


3. Dragon Ball Z, “Cha-la Head Cha-la” by Hironobu Kageyama

I have never had any idea what the  song’s title means, but there was no way this wouldn’t be on this list.


2. Armored Trooper VOTOMS, “Honoo no Sadame” by TETSU

Kind of mood whiplash considering what I placed it in between.


1. Saint Seiya,  “Pegasus Fantasy” by MAKE-UP

No explanation needed.


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