Super Robot Wars V: haven’t seen some of these guys in a while

Up until today, about the only things known about Super Robot Wars V were that it has a pretty good series list including the debut of Yamato, and that it would be the first licensed SRW game ever available in English.  Which was enough to get my attention, but with this new video it’s looking more certain that this will be a really interesting one.

  • Right off the bat we see that the Shin Mazinger version of Tetsuya will be playable for the first time.
  • If Hathaway’s Flash doesn’t get plot I’m probably going to bench Hathaway and put Ple in Xi Gundam.
  • Nice to see Athrun isn’t getting shafted like in Z3.
  • And Ange is channeling Chiroco.

Whoa! Mazin Emperor G? I guess they really aren’t using any plot from Shin Mazinger Zero vs. Ankoku Daishogun, because if they were using at all they’d used Great Mazinkaiser instead of making this all new upgrade for Tetsuya. And the last time they made a new Mazinger for SRW, we got the excellent Mazinkaiser anime a couple of years later.

Wonder how that original works; alternate forms where the pilots switch, maybe?

A Huckebein?! I thought they’d phased those out of even the OG games because it looks too much like a Gundam. And a Grungust too, and hey, a female character piloting a super that isn’t explicitly feminine. (Seems like you get them “early” as a pre-order bonus, presumably meaning they’re still in the game otherwise.)

Mazinger ZERO continues to look apocalyptic. Oh, hey, F91!

It’s coming February 23 in Japan. So I’m guessing the English Asia release will probably be in March or April.

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