Super Robot Wars V announced: Yamato, Cross Ange, Might Gaine

SRWOG: The Moon Dwellers isn’t out yet, but another new Super Robot Wars game has been announced for PS4 and Vita. Super Robot Wars V. (Surprisingly, for “Voyage”, not “Victory” or “Five”.)

Here’s the first trailer:

So, let’s look at those debuts.

Some Gundam side stories; not surprising, but it means the return of Crossbone Gundam to the series.

Cross Ange; also not surprising.

The Brave Express Might Gaine; now that’s more of a surprise. This is the first time any Brave/Yuusha series other than GaoGaiGar has been in SRW, and I had read somewhere a claim that TakaraTomy actually “wouldn’t allow” it to ever happen, though I’ve never even been sure if they had enough control to even be able to prevent it.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199; now this one’s pretty surprising, because it’s not a robot show! But the original Yamato was more than influential enough on the mecha genre to seem appropriate anyway, and it’s even more appropriate that the SRW game with Yamato in it also has Nadesico. (It certainly fits the series better than Kantam Robo from Crayon Shin-chan, which, yes, was in the mobile spinoff SRW XΩ.)

And finally, Shin Mazinger Zero. This is the one where I’m really curious about how they’ll handle it, since Shin Mazinger is still there too, and this is not a sidestory, or similar adaptation with a few unique elements that can be mixed in. It’s an entirely different story in its own continuity, but with many of the same characters. Technically it says Shin Mazinger Zero vs. Ankoku Daishogun, the later part of the manga, so they might in fact be using it as the continuation of the anime: the manga actually did involve multiple timelines to begin with, but connected by in a way that would make it impossible for Kouji to meet himself.

Shin Mazinger Zero has a definite canon example of something that’s been speculated to be the case in Rebuild of Evangelion, making me wonder if they’ll actually address it or at least add even more hints. (Kaworu was remembering previous timelines in SRW games years before he said “this time” in Rebuild. Though, that doesn’t explain the red ocean…)

Oh, and the best part? The Asian version of Super Robot Wars V will have English subtitles. (And the PS4 is region free.) As if the same being true of The Moon Dwellers wasn’t awesome enough.

For me, this is probably going to end up being the reason I get a PS4.

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