Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a remake of Final Fantasy VII

After the hype died down, Final Fantasy VII has never really been my favorite game in the series in the first place, but there’s no denying that it’s an extremely popular one that’s rightly considered a classic, and I’ve been saying for years that it made no sense for Square Enix to avoid it when choosing which older games to remake. So when they said they were remaking it for PS4, my reaction was “Finally!”.

And now they’ve gone and ruined the one thing that might have redeemed them for all the other crap they’d done over the last decade or so.

  1. Despite the official name being “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, it’s now an action RPG instead of a regular RPG. Changing the core gameplay to that degree means it is not a remake, it’s a different game with a similar story.
  2.  It’s also not a complete “remake” anyway, because it’s being divided into multiple parts. “The reason for this is because doing a full remake of Final Fantasy VII using today’s technology would be a lot of work. Kitase felt that having the “voluminous” feeling you get from Final Fantasy VII wouldn’t be able to work with just a single title for an HD remake.” While it’s vindicating to have SE officially admit that all the later FF games are such a step backwards from the SNES and PS1 era, that just means they have been and still are putting their priorities in the wrong places.
  3. The characters are too uncanny valley “realistic” instead of anime style like they’re supposed to be. And what’s up with the decision to make Barret’s gun arm so much longer?

It is just ridiculous that the Final Fantasy series has strayed so far that not only did Square Enix start a whole other series (Bravely Default) for games that are actually like Final Fantasy, but now even remakes of old classics are changed to not even be the same genre as the series is supposed to be, and divided into multiple parts because Square Enix doesn’t make games as big as they did 20 years ago anymore.

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