Search engine terms

It’s been a while, so I might have a few this time.

“hentai futanari idol first time” – I hope all these people looking for hentai aren’t too disappointed when the only reason my blog shows up in their searches is the song from Parade Parade.

“craziest anime hairs” – no surprise that found this, it’s just not the phrasing I’d expect

“kinder and bryant songs” – glad to see someone searching for this; Anne Bryant and Ford Kinder don’t get enough credit. They wrote the theme songs for many 80’s cartoons, most notably Transformers and Jem.

“capcom getter robo” – If Capcom has ever made anything involving Getter Robo, I’m not aware of it. In fact, I’m fairly sure the only Getter Robo video game is Getter Robo Daikessen!, which was published by Bandai Visual. (And of course it’s a regular in Super Robot Wars.) But  one of the robots in the Capcom game Tech Romancer was a homage to Getter Robo.

“transformer robot that can transform to everything” – Skyfall’s toy bio contains the line “Can change into anything from a construction crane to a can opener, then into a weapon in less time than it takes to plug in a phone jack”.  (But since he’s both a weapon engineer and an Action Master, it was probably supposed to say he can change anything into a weapon.)

“ghost fighter old lady characters” – no clue

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