Super Mario Maker

Recently, some of the time I would otherwise spend blogging has been going toward Super Mario Maker instead.

If you’re interested, here are the codes for some of the courses I’ve made:

King of Evil: B868-0000-0025-AAF1

Bugs in the Garden: 3264-0000-0034-227C

A Little Cave: F3E9-0000-0039-DE8F

Sky Base 2: 9358-0000-003A-1E18

Peach’s Presents: BF99-0000-0048-4E05

Flying Ace: 12EC-0000-004B-692D (this one is hard!)

Go Karting with Bowser: 86C4-0000-0090-11E8

3 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker”

  1. Hopefully I’ll remember this when I eventually get a Wii U. If not, please remind me when I announce my acquirement of said console.


  2. I’ll try to remember.
    (And wow, my timing is pretty bad; the game’s server went down for scheduled maintenance that I hadn’t known about less than an hour after I posted this.)


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