Song Challenge Day 8: A song that makes me cry

“A song that makes you cry”

A lot of music can affect me emotionally, but there aren’t very many songs that can actually bring me to tears. One that can is “I Will Wait for You”. It’s the English version of a song from a French musical and you can read about that here, or hear Connie Francis sing it here:

(uploaded by Rodrigo Pereyra)

But if you recognize the song you probably also know that a major part of the reason this song makes me cry every time I hear it is because the main place I’ve heard it is one of the saddest scenes in history of television:

(uploaded by Az Mahooney)

I’m not the only one who feels that way; in fact, the “Seymour” has been proposed as the unit of sadness, which should be almost as funny as the “milliHelen” but isn’t because, well, it’s too sad.

(A milliHelen is enough beauty to launch one ship.)


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