Blog anniversary

I got the notification yesterday that it’s been a year since I started this blog, and despite how it might look I don’t expect to abandon it.  (Maybe making this a good long post is what I need to get back into the habit?)

So, how has the year gone?

My most busy month was back in November, which isn’t too surprising since that’s also still the month when I blogged the most. (What is surprising is that those posts seem to have been more long-term popularity than many of my later ones too; in the last week when I posted nothing new except a reblog, “NaBloPoMo” has gotten the second most views of any tag/category, after “anime”.)

And now, some lists.

Top “recent” commenters (if this isn’t the same as the top all-time commenters I apologize to whoever got left out; I don’t think I know how to check that), not counting myself:

1. mochirochi – her most recent post is about a movie based on a manga: Trailer: Heroine Shikkaku – Live Action Movie

2. NotAPunkRocker – her most recent post is It’s 9 to 11 Somewhere

3. nikki – her most recent post is Infinity Dreams Award…and Indefinite Hiatus

4. miharusshi, whose most recent post is [ASS] #16 – Let’s Go

5. Jay Dee – his latest post is about one of Jupiter’s moons: Astronomy Quick Facts – Aoede

Most commented-on post: Anime Challenge Bonus: Favorite Scene

My five most-read posts are still the Top 25 Impractical Robot Transformations series, and the most-read that wasn’t directly linked to or reblogged is Transforming Mecha and the History of Change.

While I think the most underread would be some of the 30 Day Video Game Challenge posts.

The search term that found me most often: “Spinosaurus reconstruction” alone is the top spot, and I also got variants like “Spinosaurus new reconstruction”, “new Spinosaurus reconstruction”, “new Spinosaurus”, and “new reconstructed Spinosaurus”. Apparently I should write two-sentence posts about Spinosaurus more often. “Studio Megaane” is tied with one of those variants for second place.

Weirdest search terms:”zoe quinn dark enlightenment“,  “super cartoon smash ball z great ape”, “marcbot space spino“, “ ” (if you knew the exact URL, why Google it? And why search specifically for that tag on a non-adult blog?), and “no search terms” (not the same as “unknown search terms”; there have been days where it said I had hits from search engines but there were no search terms).

8 thoughts on “Blog anniversary”

      1. Depends on how much available time one has to post. You were able to find time to post a couple throughout the months and later and that’s good.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and congrats on the anniversary! Will check out the other blogs as soon as my internet starts behaving and I am not on a phone again 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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