The small world with the big heart

New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto this morning, but it’s actually too busy observing to transmit right now, plus it’s so far away that it takes hours for the signal to get here.

But if this picture, which it took from about 50 times as far away, is any indication, the closeup ones should be incredible.


(Yes, Pluto is reddish, not gray/white like pretty much every fictional or artistic depiction I’ve ever seen.)

The heart-shaped region looks really smooth. Could Pluto be geologically active?


6 thoughts on “The small world with the big heart”

  1. Pluto was always my favourite, a little speck of a planet on the edge of it all and cold by accounts
    Imagine seeing the solar system from that tiny point (relative to the other planets)
    I don’t care that there was doubt cast on its planet status, its my favourite and always will be
    And it still surprises and amazes us!


  2. The mountain’s elevations are amazing! I’m loving all of the new data coming in. And Pluto may be our solar system’s cutest planet (yes, I know dwarf planet…. but still… it’s still a “planet”!)


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