Project X Zone 2 new trailer

I liked the first one even with it’s flaws, and it seems they might be fixing some of those this time around.

Note it says “and more”, so don’t go assuming this is everybody in the game (or even every game that it has characters from) like I’ve seen some people do.

Though unfortunately, it’s probably safe to say by now that,¬†despite the fact that Monolith is owned by Nintendo, they aren’t going to reveal it’s actually a four-company crossover with the unrevealed characters including Link, Samus, Lucina, and Pit.

I’m going to make some predictions. Everything below is speculation and not confirmed fact.

There’s no new set of original protagonists, and Reiji and Xiaomu are the main characters. In addition to their being prominently featured, the Japanese title of the game is even Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, after the song from Namco X Capcom which was also Reiji and Xiaomu’s theme in Project X Zone.

It is very unlikely that Felicia is the only Darkstalkers character in the game, and I’d also be surprised if isn’t another Street Fighter character.

KOS-MOS is probably in this game; she’s been in every crossover game Monolith has made.

So far it looks like there might be less female characters than the first one, but maybe that’s an indication of who some of the bigger deal characters that they’re holding back are. Bayonetta would be a perfect fit for this game. And since they are reaching farther back with Sega than the first one did, how about Alis from the original Phantasy Star? There should definitely be something from some Phantasy Star game.

There will probably be at least one obscure nobody that you have never heard of. And some music track that has to be changed in the localization because they couldn’t get worldwide rights to it.

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