Awesome Music Thursday: Kanjite Knight

It’s a little difficult to fully explain the greatness that is Mazinger Edition Z, but I’ll probably try eventually, after I’ve seen the whole series. But to put it simply, what I’ve seen so far is even better than what I’d expected from the hype.

I’m not sure who’s the biggest ham; Juzo Kabuto, Dr. Hell, Zeus, or the narrator.

And it’s only fitting that great anime should have great openings. Here’s the first one, Kanjite Knight by Ultimate Lazy for Mazinger. I cannot get this song out of my head.

(uploaded by Karu Chanel)

And here’s the full song.

(uploaded by Jacky Chan)

But what’s this “Ultimate Lazy for Mazinger”? Well, you see, this song is a new version of one by Lazy, a band whose members are more famous for what they’ve done since they originally split up; Hironobu Kageyama has done a bunch of anime songs both solo and in JAM Project, while some of the other members founded Loudness. “Ultimate Lazy” is actually Lazy (the members that are still alive) and JAM Project together.


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