Tech Romancer

The Dreamcast was Sega’s last console, and in addition to the games everyone knows about it had some hidden gems, one of which was Tech Romancer.

No, it’s not a dating sim where everyone is a robot. It’s a fighting game where (almost) everyone is in a giant robot.

The game’s mecha were designed by Shoji Kawamori of Macross fame, and almost every character and mecha is a clear homage to something else.

Typical of Capcom’s fighting games, almost every name stayed the same in translation but not quite all of them. Unfortunately the one robot whose name was changed is the main one, who’s named repeatedly in the theme song…

The robots (and Pulsion) you can use are:

Mazinger Z G Kaiser (Kikaioh)

Boss Borot, if it was piloted by a magical girl Bolon

Getter Robo with Voltes V’s final attack Twinzam V

a Gundam Dixen

a Valkyrie Rafaga

one of the non-transforming mechs from Macross Wiseduck

Ultraman, with a little EVA-01 thrown in Pulsion

Diana 17, a mech with the control system from G Gundam. I think the pilot Reika is based on Cutie Honey.

The samurai-like Gourai which, if it’s closely based on anything is less well known than the rest (however, the pilot, Shadow Red, is a Char). The technical information names a different armor material for each robot, and Gourai’s is “Super Evil Steel”.

Blodia, from Cyberbots

With three unplayable bosses, a giant jellyfish angel thingy, a Egyptian castle thingy, and Ankoku Daishogun (Great General of Darkness) Goldibus.

But wait, that video was the arcade intro. It also had a second, animated intro made for the Dreamcast version.

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