Vote for Ford Kinder and Anne Bryant

Voting for the Transformers Hall of Fame is now open through the official Transformers App.

Vote for whoever you want to out of the character categories (and laugh at some of the strangest art and bio choices they’ve ever had), but I want to talk about the one for real-life people. This is the first time they’ve ever had a real person/people be inducted by popular vote, and the category is “Best Musical Act Used In TRANSFORMERS Branded Production” (capitalization Hasbro’s).

However, the voting may be skewed because Hasbro neglected to say what the nominees actually did.

Vince DiCola wrote the musical score to Transformers: The Movie. (And more recently, he contributed to the music for Angry Birds: Transformers.)

Weird Al is of course very famous and talented, but his sole musical contribution to Transformers was the fact that his song “Dare to be Stupid” was used in Transformers: The Movie.

But even Transformers fans haven’t necessarily heard of Anne Bryant and Ford Kinder. Who are they?

They only wrote and composed the Transformers theme song!

“Best” might be subjective (and yes, I named JAM Project in the nomination phase), but there’s no doubt that Kinder and Bryant are the most important musicians to Transformers, and it’s a shame they’re so unknown.So I hope that in this case the Hall of Fame will actually give more fame to those who should be more known than they are, rather than simply going to the one who is already the most famous. (No offense intended to Weird Al.)

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