E is for Enlightenment


It’s in the name of the blog, so it’s what I’m going to talk about today.

The word enlightenment can mean different things in different contexts, but for my blog it refers to the general definition of the word; the state of having knowledge that lets us understand things better. Anyone who learns is constantly improving; metaphorically, at least, we understand more than we did the minute before. I’m on the edge of enlightenment because solving even a major mystery usually just makes one aware of the next. And there’s nothing so perfect that it can’t be improved, after all.

The fact that The Enlightenment is also the name of the historical era where people finally started to figure things out is hardly unwelcome either, though. Though really, “historical era” is a questionable way to refer to it, because the age in which human knowledge is being increased at a rapid pace is hardly over yet.

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