C is for Cookie


Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I also can’t resist Oreos. I read somewhere that there was a study that was misinterpreted as saying they are as “addictive” as cocaine. What it actually showed was that the test animals considered it eating them to be as pleasurable/desirable as the drug, which isn’t the same thing, since drug addiction creates a chemical dependency, which is a totally different thing from simply wanting something because you like it. Nobody has ever gone into withdrawal from not eating Oreos, no matter how strongly they might crave them.

But the fact that the high from an illegal drug (which I don’t actually know from experience) isn’t even any better than the taste of an Oreo doesn’t surprise me, because Oreos are the greatest cookie ever invented.

Oreos…my anti drug.

5 thoughts on “C is for Cookie”

  1. What is your stand on the different varieties?

    Personally, mint is OK, and white chocolate dipped at Christmas. All else are not worth the Oreo moniker.


  2. *hangs head in shame* I don’t get the love of Oreo’s, give me a custard cream any day 🙂 …… although I have baked cupcakes with Oreo’s in, and they are very nice 🙂


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