Video Game Challenge Day 30: Needs one less sequel

“Game that you really wish hadn’t got a sequel”

It has to be Chrono Trigger. Well, I don’t really have anything against Radical Dreamers; it’s the more well-known game that replaced it that’s the problem.

Chrono Cross has some good qualities, but it’s one of the most disappointing sequels ever. Instead of having a few well-developed characters, it has a ridiculous number of losers defined solely by their automatically generated accents/speech quirks; and it’s fairy annoying that some characters TALK-LIKE-THIS, donCHA think?

And it seems to use it’s sequel status only to make things worse. Lucca was killed by Darth Kitty Lynx. Crono and Marle are implied to be dead and Guardia conquered, because of Dalton of all people. Probably worst of all is the Prometheus circuit, which, based on the name, is probably Robo and even if it isn’t it’s named after him and appears solely to be gratuitously killed.

And the character Guile is based on Magil from Radical Dreamers, who was Magus; but Guile isn’t Magus, and that decision was made because if he was everyone would use Serge, Kid, and Magus/Guile and ignore all the “great” new characters like Turnip, Funguy, and Mojo.

Well there is one other connection to Chrono Trigger; the fact that the entire game is basically a sidequest that you’d think should have just been a part of Chrono Trigger and would make a lot more sense with Magus and/or Marle present.

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