Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you very much, poeticice:




Show the award on your blog 

Thank the person who nominated you

Share seven facts about yourself

Nominate 15 blogs

Link your nominees and let them know


Seven facts:

  1. I still think of myself as very inexperienced at this.
  2. The likely final title for my upcoming first novel is Project Quintessence: Hearts of Fire.
  3. My favorite color is purple. Not so much for clothes that I wear as for things that I see in places other than a mirror.
  4. Zaxby’s is my favorite place to eat, and I feel sorry for everyone who lives in places that don’t have it.
  5. I have more interest in gender and sexuality than I have certainty about my own.
  6. I love 90’s anime. Not all of my favorite anime are from the 90’s, but that’s the era that I can watch almost anything from.
  7. I hate talking about myself. (Yes, that is a fact about me, not an explanation for why there are only 6 facts.)


My nominees:

  1.  BD Hesse
  2.  I Read Encyclopedias for Fun
  3.  The Reclusive Essayist
  4.  fujinsei
  5.  Whatever
  6.  Diotima’s Ladder
  7.  A Most Agreeable Pastime
  8.  All the Things Around Me
  9.  I Tried Being Tasteful
  10.  mocorochi
  11.  Postcard Memories
  12.  Where Landquid Fear to Tread
  13.  Denny Sinnoh
  14.  Archimuffin
  15.  Not a Punk Rocker


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