WordPress, stop changing things!

First they invented that terrible new stats page and refused to provide an option to have the “old” one come up as the default, and now the link to the more complete (“old”) stats page has been made more obscure, to the point where I almost didn’t notice it.

More on the stats page in a minute, but so that you don’t see a long post and assume it’s all about that, here’s the other latest annoying change: notifications now look worse, possibly take longer to load, and depending on the type they now require more clicks to actually click on the links in them.

Now, back to that stats page:

They claim the crappy one is “faster” (but it’s not because I have to wait for it to load and then click on the link to the page I actually want), but I never noticed the good one being slow before they started this and while I know this is probably wrong I’m not completely convinced they didn’t intentionally make it slower to make the difference in speed more obvious.

Why the older stats page is better than the new one they’re trying to replace it with:

  1. It shows more information on one screen without scrolling.
  2. It shows more information, period. The ability to get day-specific stats for “yesterday” as well as for “today” was pretty important to anyone who wanted to know about every view and click, especially considering most of us don’t check our stats at 11:59 PM. To do that now requires looking at the whole week. The ability to check “all time” stats seems to be missing as well.
  3. The bar graph at the top shows a lot more days/weeks/whatever. You can look at longer-term trends before losing detail.

4 thoughts on “WordPress, stop changing things!”

  1. They won’t ever do anything about it, which may be a case of “you get what you pay for” EXCEPT not everyone on here uses the free version. Which they seem to forget quite often Ugh.


  2. What I want is the summary page. I want to see my monthly averages. I miss that, because it allows me to see how I’m performing earlier in the month.

    However, what I do like about the new one is that you can check the exact stats for an entire month by clicking on it. Couldn’t do that before.


    1. Oh, right, the summary page. I knew there was something I forgot to include in my list of reasons for preferring the old one.

      If the “upgraded” page was actually an upgrade of the old one instead of an attempt to reinvent the whole thing, they likely would have added new features without taking anything away.


      1. Yeah. I wish they’d restore some of those things. Another thing they’ve changed is the notifications in the top right. You can’t get to the notifications page that way anymore. I need to type in the address to get my full notifications list, because I often need it. The menu option at the top is too short.

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