Video Game Challenge Day 22: Weapons and powerups

“Favorite video game weapon, equipment, or power-up”

Time for an unexpected choice: the Tank in Final Fantasy Legend 2. No, you don’t drive around in as a vehicle; you can just carry one (or more!) of these around taking up the same amount of inventory space as a sword, a book, some eyedrops, or the ability to headbutt. (The Final Fantasy Legend games are weird. They’re really the first three games in the SaGa series, renamed Final Fantasy outside Japan to make them sell better. The first one is infamous for the fact that you can kill the Creator with a chainsaw; or you can ignore the glitch and fight him the way you’re supposed to, which involves a nuke and a glass sword.)

But it’s not just the ridiculousness that makes me say this; the tank is also both a gun and a shield. You can block while attacking; the other two weapons that have this property only hit one target, but the tank hits a whole group. Despite being weaker than the Samurai Bow (which doesn’t make any more sense than being able to carry a tank), the Tank is even a passable endgame weapon.

But on the subject of ridiculousness, the tank is first available in the same part of the game that censored opium into bananas. As in, you have to stop an illegal banana smuggling operation.

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