My own year end post

The official report doesn’t have all the information I would have included, so I’m adding to it here:

My most-viewed post is part one of my Top 25 Impractical Transformations list; in fact that whole series is the top 5, thanks to traffic from The Allspark. After that, it goes

6. The crime against Jennifer Lawrence

7. Transforming Mecha and the History of Change

8. I Will Change the World with Representation

9. Crossover Chaos Final

10. 30-Day Anime Challenge

And some posts that I personally think deserve more views than they got relative to my others:

Human Nature

Video Game Challenge Day 1

The short story Breanna and the flash fiction Sisters and The Greatest Treasure.

Posts that have more likes relative to views than others (this could be considered an objective way of determining what should have more views)”

Thermodynamics and Creationism

The flash fiction Showdown and Sideburns, in addition to the ones I already named above.

(Super) Robot Wars

Search Engine Terms

I Won Flash! Friday

Pokebiology: Words with Too Many Meanings

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