Video Game Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Character

“Favorite playable female character”

Most of the Super Robot Wars original characters were made to be in the same games with various anime characters, and compare favorably even in the context. And then they get some of their best characterization in the Original Generation games…which also have the advantage of being more gender-balanced than the licensed ones, or than most games in general for that matter.


Lamia Loveless is an artificial human with some speech quirks due to damage. She starts off as a spy infiltrating the ATX team for the Shadow Mirrors, but it’s hardly any surprise when she ends up defecting for real. Her personality gradually gets more human, and she’s also always human enough to be affected by Kusuha’s energy drinks.

As a playable character, she’s one of the two best pilots in OG2, which is only helped by the fact that not one but two of the best mechs in the game are exclusive to her.

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