Scheduling posts apparently doesn’t work

Based on somebody else saying they had a problem with it, I tried to schedule my previous post instead of publishing it immediately; it published immediately anyway. I’d never tried this before but I assume the feature hasn’t been nonfunctional for the entire time that it’s existed, so it’s probably yet another example of an “upgrade” making something worse.

I’m scheduling this post for 6:00 PM Central Time tonight (Dec 10), so if you see it before that, this makes twice.

(Or maybe it was just a time zone issue? Can the first person who sees this please comment and say what time it was?)

2 thoughts on “Scheduling posts apparently doesn’t work”

  1. It turns out my settings were for the wrong time zone. (Scheduling a short time in advance was publishing immediately because based on the clock, I was setting it for a time that had already passed.) I know I set it for the right zone originally, but it probably got messed up either in some update or when Daylight Saving Time ended.


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