I’m sick of hearing feminists are prudes

There is this weird idea, partly promoted by anti-feminists but also widely believed by a lot of people who probably would call themselves feminists if they didn’t have inaccurate beliefs about the meaning of the word, that feminists are all prudes.

This hasn’t been my experience at all. Even the more specific and not entirely made-up belief that feminists are opposed to pornography is mostly based on a stereotype of an older generation of feminists. In fact, in my experience, “feminist” and “sex-positive” are notably correlated.

Greta Christina thoroughly demolishes the idea that criticizing inappropriate objectification of women means being prudish. She also says “Anyone who thinks that feminists hate sex hasn’t paid much attention to feminism.” Though honestly, the majority of people who criticize feminism from outside for any reason tend to not pay much attention to feminism, so that’s par for the course.

And really, what is wrong with the people who still defend the shirt and think  Matt Taylor is being personally attacked after he himself has decided he was inappropriate and apologized? It’s like Kiran Opal says: Insecure men outraged that smarter man apologizes to women.

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