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“divergent dystopia”, “tris anti hero divergent”, “divergent characters based on enlightenment” -Okay, I’m not sure what that last one had in mind, but it’s interesting how my very first non-test post keeps showing up in searches.

“anime challenge pets” – Okay, sure, I guess someone might search for that specifically.

“super robot wars og theme song” – Not entirely sure which one you meant, but here are the two most likely:

In keeping with the crossover theme of this week’s posts, here is ROCKS, the theme from the PS2 SRWOG games, in a decidedly non-OG video.

(Uploaded by doctorlatino123)

And here’s the full version of MAXON, the OP from the anime series Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector, with a crossover picture.

(Uploaded by Tatpiya Jirasakrojin)

“is project x zone canon” – I think so, but I didn’t go into much detail there.  This might get long.

For the most part, Super Robot Wars games take place in new universes and blend together the actual plots of the series involved. Then the Super Robot Wars Original Generation sub-series does that same thing with the original characters from the crossover SRW games (and also establish that SRW itself has a multiverse, with the same Gilliam originally appearing in a crossover game before traveling to the OG universe(s)).

On the other hand, Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone involve much more extensive multiversal travel, and are new stories where the characters’ previously known stories are referenced but not retold. There’s generally no reason they couldn’t be canon.

Along comes an RPG called Endless Frontier, also known by the much longer titles “Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga” and “Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier”. It takes place in its own universe, but two of the original main characters are from the same universe as the Shadow Mirrors in the main OG series. And more important to this question, the original characters from Namco X Capcom, along with KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, appear in the game and reference the events from Namco X Capcom (without naming any actual characters other than the originals and ones from Xenosaga). Then it got a sequel, Endless Frontier EXCEED, which had actual characters from the main OG series appear, and these events were referenced in The 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generations. (A PS3 game. Not to be confused with the GBA game Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2, which was combined with the first game in a PS2 remake called Super Robot Wars Original Generations.)

The characters from Namco X Capcom and Endless Frontier are in Project X Zone too, so those are definitely canon for it and vice versa. And with Sanger from SRWOG appearing in it the likelihood that a future SRW game might reference PxZ directly is pretty high even if nothing else does. And even if you do think it makes sense for it to be canon for some of the properties involved and not others (which is something I wouldn’t assume without specific evidence supporting it), I’d also put Xenosaga on the list that it would definitely be canon for.

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