Top 25 Impractical Robot Transformations: 10-6

Up to now this list has mostly included robots that aren’t too obscure with a couple of exceptions, but that’s about to change.

Parts 1, 2, and 3.

#10 – Apollo Robo

Machine Robo was a Japanese toyline started by Popy and continued by Bandai. Many of the toys from this line were brought to the rest of the world as Tonka’s GoBots, but there were some notable exceptions. Only one of the four in this picture was released as a GoBot. (Surprisingly, it’s the Japanese WWII plane, not the British car.)


The white stack of cylinders is Apollo Robo. He turns into a Saturn V Rocket.


Now, that’s what we used to get to the moon. It’s a historic vehicle. What’s so bad about being one, you ask?

Well, what happens when one of those takes off?



Yeah, that’s the problem.

# 9 – Optimus Prime

“What? Optimus Prime is a truck, nothing weird about that. And you said these were getting more obscure, but he’s the most famous one yet.”

Well, Optimus Prime is usually the kind of truck that pulls a trailer, and he’s been a fire engine several times too, but less well-known is that he’s been other things too. He’s actually been a sports car more than once, but that’s still normal. But what about this Optimus Prime:


For Takara’s Transformers: Sports Label line, Optimus Prime transforms into a shoe. Specifically a Nike. He’s usually not a licensed vehicle, but he’s been a licensed shoe. Actually, everyone in this line was a shoe; Optimus Prime, Megatron, and a recolored Optimus Prime that kind of looked like Ultra Magnus but was still Optimus Prime. Takara’s novelty lines can be really small sometimes.

He’s got actual laces, but the best part about Optimus the shoe is his feet; he’s wearing his own alt-mode.

#8 – Key Robo


More Microman toys. These two turn into locks. And they have to be unlocked (Dial Man with a combination and Magneman with a key) to transform back into robots. If you think of them as characters, they would have to be pretty stupid to actually transform into lock mode.

#7 – Gold Lightan


Okay, but what does this big guy turn into?


In case you can’t tell, he’s a cigarette lighter. Which makes Gold Lightan probably the 80’s anime and toyline least likely to ever be revived.

#6 – Mysterians


It’s really hard to find any information about these toys on the internet, but they were from a small toyline called Mysterians.

They’re actually sort of cool, with entirely different gimmicks from each other, like the blue one’s map decoder.


And the yellow one’s tools


But I don’t really see the point of transforming into things like cubes and this.


And here are the top 5.


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