Top 25 Impractical Robot Transformations: 15-11

There have been a lot of transforming robots over the years, and sometimes you really have to question the logic of what they turn into.

Part 1 and Part 2.

# 15 – Megatron

“Wasn’t Megatron already on the list?” Yeah, well, Transformers can be named after famous Transformers just like humans can be named after famous humans. This is the Megatron that was in Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Now, for most of Beast Wars he was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and then toward the end he was a fire-breathing dragon, so you wouldn’t think he’d be on this list. But in Beast Machines, he decides he wants to get rid of his beast mode, and spends some time as this:


Just a giant head. No, there’s no giant body that he attaches to. Technically this might be his robot mode rather than his alternate mode since on the show he only changes between this and some kind of spaceship, but there is a toy that changes from this head (on legs) to a humanoid robot.



# 14 – Bandit

Probably the distant third in the 80’s in the category led by Transformers and GoBots was a line called Convertors. Like Transformers, it mixed together toys from multiple Japanese toylines, including some of the same ones.  Transformers got the large Dorvack and Macross toys, Convertors got the small ones, and I think Robotech, which had the actual Macross anime, was left without any actual transforming Valkyries/Veritechs.

But among the toys that seem to have been made specifically for Convertors was this guy.


A robot that turns to a slot machine. Actually he was part of a group that also included a roulette wheel, a pinball machine, and (for some reason) a cash register.

#13 – Menasor

Not the original Menasor, who was a combiner made from a truck and 4 cars. Menasor from Transformers: Cybertron.


Now, I think drill tanks can be cool even if they aren’t entirely realistic, but this is going too far. He’s got a drill on each side, but nothing like one even close to the center. He clearly can’t dig a tunnel that he can pass through himself, and if all he can do with those drills is to make a hole the size of his arm, he’d be better doing that in robot mode. His vehicle mode is basically pointless.

#12 – Skullgrin

In 1988 Hasbro introduced a new group of Transformers called the Pretenders. The transforming robot could hide inside a shell that usually looked like either a human for the Autobots or a monster for the Decepticons. The problem with this was that the shells didn’t really do much, and the vehicle modes on the inner robots weren’t so good. Or in this case, it was just terrible.


I really have no idea what that is. I think it’s on treads and it has guns, so I guess you could call it a really bad tank mode.

And depending on which version of the Pretenders’ story you go by, maybe the shell counts as a “transformation”; well, in that case maybe we should ask what the intended purpose of it was:


If that’s still too hard to read, the key part is “Sheathed in their synthoplasmic outer shells, these six warriors bear no resemblance to Decepticons. The Autobots will never suspect their true identities until it is too late!

Right, because no one will ever think to shoot at a giant and obviously armed skull demon wearing a belt made of bones.

#11 – Omega Supreme


Omega Supreme was the biggest Transformer before the movie, and tends to be hyped up a lot in most appearance. But it’s not entirely obvious what he turns into from his robot mode, so let’s take a look.


Yeah, he splits apart. A rocket and launchpad, a tank, and a track around the launchpad that the tank is apparently stuck on; problem number 1.

He’s big and a rocket, so one of the main uses of his transformation was to transport other Transformers into space. But, doesn’t that mean his arms are on a different planet than the rest of him?

Somehow, against all logic, this was never a problem in the cartoon. Omega Supreme would transform, then the rocket would take off (one time the launchpad went with it due to an animation error), and when he got where he was going, the rocket would split apart and somehow the rest of him would come out of nowhere to form the rest of the robot. What?!

 On to part 4.

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