Awesome Music Thursday: SKILL

Super Robot Wars is a long-running series of crossover strategy RPGs made by Banpresto. Crossover between, for the most part, mecha anime, and occasionally mecha manga, light novels, or video games. (And occasionally series that aren’t really mecha; it turns out Tekkaman Blade is perfectly able to keep up with the likes of Mazinkaiser and Dancougar without one.)

The correct name of the series is actually a little complicated, so I thought I’d go into that. The way it’s written in Japanese transliterates to Super Robot Taisen. (Taisen means war or wars.) But whenever it’s written in English in Japan, it’s Super Robot Wars.

While the actual crossover games would be a licensing nightmare to localize, there is at least the Original Generation subseries, consisting entirely of Banpresto’s own characters, so that’s where it gets official English titles too, but if anything that just adds to the confusion. Atlus localized two games for the GBA and a spinoff game for the DS, as Super Robot Taisen, apparently to avoid confusion with Robot Wars. But then in Project X Zone, the series is referred to as Super Robot Wars, while remaining consistent with the Atlus translation in other respects.

I’ve already explained who JAM Project are. In addition to doing songs for anime and tokusatsu series, they’ve also done songs for most SRW games from the Playstation onward. This is SKILL, from Super Robot Wars Alpha 2.

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