30 Day Anime Challenge Day 23: Favorite Attack

“Favorite attack someone used in an anime”

Maybe this is redundant with what I said yesterday, but I think it’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Byakuya Kuchiki’s Bankai. (That’s too many words the spell-checker doesn’t recognize in a row.) One of the most versatile attacks in Bleach; the way it works is really kind of crazy.

To summarize, he drops his sword into the ground, which it falls through like it was water. Then a bunch of giant blades come up out of the ground. And then those break apart into fragments that all float around looking like cherry blossoms on the wind…really sharp cherry blossoms. So basically he’s got like a million tiny flying blades, which is probably enough incentive to prevent anyone from underestimating it because it’s named after a flower.

(Okay, this is the second time this has happened, and I’ve tried more than one different video for this one. Does anyone know why I just occasionally get posts that videos won’t embed in?)

5 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 23: Favorite Attack”

  1. How are you trying to add the video? I usually just type in the embed link and then copy and past the html code in wordpress. It should work if you do that.


      1. Glad I could help. I think the other way to make it work, if you don’t want to copy the html, is to use the ‘insert media’ button and then click on, ‘insert youtube link.’

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