Anime Challenge Bonus: Favorite Scene

The list I’ve been following says “saddest anime scene” for Day 12 so that’s what I did, but others did “favorite anime scene” without noting that they were changing the challenge, so there must be another version of the list. And it does seem odd to not have favorite scene on the list, so I’m doing it as an extra.

My favorite scene is from the same series as my most epic scene, Gurren Lagann. Well, actually, for this one I think I like the movie version better.


14 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Bonus: Favorite Scene”

  1. I took the list from fujinsei:

    I’ve noticed mocorochi has the same version. Also, do check #27 and even #19 (as I think one’s chosen epic scene/bad-ass scene would obviously be one of their favourites).

    Also, I did alter the challenge but firstly, I did not eliminate any of the challenges already existing, and secondly, I find nothing wrong with being a nonconformist and thinking a little outside the box ^_^ Just saying πŸ˜€


  2. Forgot to mention that I clicked the picture, just like fujinsei says to do, and this is how I got to ‘alter’ the challenge.


  3. I didn’t go with the image, I went by the list arria posted. So I guess the change was from there?

    Weird, I never even noticed it before. I know there are other anime lists that mention completely different things from that. I think I’m going to use the saddest scene for something though.


  4. but why does it have to be a rule? I think it’s an anime challenge, for all I know, AniRa has a totally different version and not only do I not find anything “”odd with that, but also I like it that it’s different. Like mocorochi said to me, this is just a guideline ^_^ Anyway, I give up πŸ˜€ The whole point is to have fun doing it not to check whether everybody is doing the same thing at the same time πŸ˜€


    1. I didn’t mean there was anything “odd” about altering the challenge, I just never noticed the image and the page were different on fujinsei, before today, and I haven’t seen anyone intentionally altering the challenge without SAYING they were.
      Anyway, I just wanted to do “favorite scene” and mentioned that to explain why it was “bonus” instead of numbered. Though I guess I could have waited and made it “30 Day Challenge Day 31”.


      1. Well, when I first started the challenge, I never thought I’d change it, but in the end I actually did, and substantially so (especially days 17 and 18 for me). I think I took a little too personally your first paragraph and felt a little bad, so I must apologise for my initial reaction. Do forgive me 😦


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