Search Engine Terms

I was looking over my search engine terms and these stood out.

“anime hair that goes up then down” – I assume that search found this, but if it didn’t, here you go.

“anime with a crazy main character” – What it actually found was probably the same set of posts, but since I mentioned Ryoma Nagare maybe that’s okay.

“zoe quinn dark enlightenment” – I didn’t know what “Dark Enlightenment” was and I kind of wish I still didn’t. I still don’t know why anyone was searching for that phrase, though; neither Zoe Quinn nor ‘gamergate’ is suggested to be connected to ‘Dark Enlightenment’ on any page that my search found, not even the ones that seemed prone to conspiracy theories.

4 thoughts on “Search Engine Terms”

    1. At least it’s possible you might have actually had a post that used most or all of those words non-consecutively; someone somehow found me with “marcbot space spino”, the first word of which definitely never appeared anywhere on my blog before I wrote about getting that search term.

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  1. This post made my day, as just last night I checked for the very first time since I started blogging here, the tags people search for. And boy was I shocked O.o

    some of the best are: “madoka is so complicated”, “นิยาย fullmetal alchemist yaoi envy x edward”, and last but by no means least “flesh dramatical murder” O.o they did make me laugh hysterically, though 😀


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