I won a writing challenge…sort of

I wrote a story for the 7th What Will You Write at I Read Encyclopedias for Fun. And now the winner has been announced and it’s my story, “Breanna”. Unfortunately, this is because there were no other entries, so “winning” isn’t anything to brag about.

But the judge, Peggy, said some very nice things about my story, so I’m glad that she and Jay Dee decided to have a winner anyway.

The winner of  What Will You Write Challenge #7 is D.T. Nova with “Breanna.”

While this was the only entry, it’s my opinion it would have been a difficult one to beat and deserves the win!

D.T. Nova’s piece has nice paced dialog that reveals the conflict between the main character Breanna and the protagonist Alexander, who share the inheritance of Prometheus Corporation.  Multiple levels of conflict within and between the characters, amplified by the youth of the heir, is presented very well, and there is a captivating twist to the challenge prompt. I won’t go into more detail lest I give out a spoiler, and suggest if you haven’t already read this story, please give it a read!

Here is the link to the announcement, and here is the link to my original post.

I was actually worried about things like whether my dialogue was really good enough (particularly considering how this story is mostly dialogue) and whether my writing style was a good match for internal conflict, so it’s very reassuring to read things like that.


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