30 Day Anime Challenge Day 5: Shame

“Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed”

I could get off easy by saying Hamtaro or Yu-Gi-Oh GX, but no, I’m going to give my honest answer.

Daiakuji. A hardcore hentai series. (Don’t worry, the post stays PG-ish.)

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean just because it’s hentai. I’ll come right out and say I’m not ashamed to like Shoujo Sect or Aki Sora, which have interesting plots (Whether Aki Sora counts even as soft hentai or just ecchi is debatable anyway.), or even something like Front Innocent, where I don’t care about the plot but it’s all so beautifully drawn. (Satoshi Urushihara is a great artist, but only a few of his manga have good writing, and for some reason those are mostly the ones without anime.)

But Daiakuji? No. I shouldn’t like this. It’s stupid, the designated protagonist is a rapist, it’s mind-bogglingly sexist, the last episode is all pseudo-loli, and the opening is overly long and boring…It goes against multiple sets of principles for me to have liked it enough to watch every episode. (Feminist principles, principles of what I normally consider sexy or not, principles of what makes a good story, etc.)

I’ll never watch it again, though.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 5: Shame”

  1. See, I thought of Aki-Sora at first, but then I realised the challenge was asking for an anime I’d and I simply watched Aki-Sora out of curiosity, I didn’t enjoy it. It’s for the same reason that I didn’t mention any of the hentais I watched – there wasn’t one which I’d thoroughly enjoyed *shrug*


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