30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Character

“Favorite female anime character ever”


Sailor Uranus, or Haruka Tenoh. Despite everything, Sailor Moon is a series that hasn’t been surpassed in this regard. Sailor Uranus is “the cool one” in the group that’s already cooler than the main five all around.

  1. She’s a race car driver despite being barely 16 and living in Japan, where the driving age is 18. (She got her license overseas.)
  2.  She and Sailor Neptune really know how to make an entrance and have really memorable theme music.
  3. She was one of the first lesbian characters in a mainstream anime a mainstream television series of any kind.
  4. She looks good as a girl or dressed as a boy.
  5. Speaking of looks this is her girlfriend:




4 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Character”

  1. I think you’re the first person I’ve seen that liked Uranus. I think out of everyone, I liked Saturn and Pluto best. I just remember being confused by Uranus since DIC censored her relationship with Neptune, but not enough so there were still hints. I kept wondering, ‘Why would cousins act like this and go to a couples competition.’ I found out later, but back then as a kid I was confused.


    1. To this day I’m not sure if that was simply a really incompetent attempt at censorship, or if the writers of the dub scripts were trying to keep as much as they could intact while paying lip service to some executive who wanted it censored. (Not that I’m convinced at all that all the dub writers had the same intent; the Sailor Moon S dub is notoriously inconsistent all around.)


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