30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1: Very First Anime

“Very first anime you watched”

I have very vague memories of…whichever dub of Gatchaman was on TV in the early 80s (I think it was G-Force), but I’m not sure that should count.

The first anime I watched after being old enough to care what I watched was probably Voltron. The first few Lion Force episodes, to be specific.

If Voltron is considered too distinct an entity from GoLion to count as anime, then I’m not sure what was first. Probably something on Nickelodeon; a lot of their early programming was imported from other countries, including Japan.

I think I’ll just list some anime that had special significance to me when I was a little kid:

Noozles – Aired on Nickelodeon, was a dub of a shoujo anime called Mysterious Koala Blinky. I think it was the first show I ever saw a true “last episode” of.

Mysterious Cities of Gold – Another one that was on Nickelodeon. A Japanese-French co-production, I think it counts; I loved it because it had more of a continuing plot than any other cartoon of the time. (I never saw Robotech until years later.)

Grandizer – The English dub of UFO Robot Grendizer, one of five series that each aired on a different day of the week as part of Force Five. But we never got the Force Five series on TV where I lived, so the only thing I ever saw was the Grandizer “movie”. And I loved it; if I had seen the series regularly I probably would have watched it more than Voltron. Also, the local Showbiz Pizza (later Chuck E. Cheese) had a Grandizer ride, which helped it stick in my mind.

Okay, now what was the first anime I saw after knowing what “anime” was? I think it was Sailor Moon.

But since Sailor Moon was yet another syndicated show that didn’t air locally, the first that I watched regularly was Ronin Warriors.

Technically Ronin Warriors was almost unedited, but if you don’t count that the first anime I saw that wasn’t edited for kids was either Vampire Hunter D or Project A-Ko.

3 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1: Very First Anime”

  1. I remember Mysterious Cities of Gold too, though I didn’t really watch it since it was in french. Even though I took it in school, my comprehension of the language is really bad. I mentioned it on my list too.


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