What’s a “marcbot space spino”?

I was looking at my search engine terms and noticed a few things. Most of them have had something to do with either Spinosaurus or the Cannae Drive (the quantum vacuum plasma thruster), which seems to go against the “long posts index better” advice I’ve heard.

But one term I saw a few days about was “marcbot space spino”. What? I’ve never even mentioned MARCbot (until now). I can actually guess how my blog came up for that search  (“space” and “spinosaurus” are consecutive in my tag cloud.), but why was anyone searching for that word salad in the first place?

When I tried “marcbot space spino” in my preferred search engine, DuckDuckGo, this site did not come up, and neither did anything explaining why anyone would put those words together.



(Yes, they probably meant “marcbot space spinoff” and just hit enter too soon, but that’s not nearly as amusing as the thought that someone needed to find a robot dinosaur that disarms bombs in space.)

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