One of my influences as a blogger

I don’t normally make a post because I added something to my blogroll, but the Bronze Blog was one of my favorites back when it still updated so I thought I’d explain why. I think it was the second blog I started reading regularly, and was probably a bigger influence on my blogging than any other. (Excluding my fiction writing, anyway.)  It was also the first WordPress site I ever visited (it moved without transferring all the content, so I’m linking to both), and for that alone I have to give the Bronze Dog a plug even if he doesn’t update anymore, because WordPress is the greatest.

 I never really thought about it, but this having been one of my favorites is probably a contributing factor toward why I also have a mix of skeptical topics and geeky stuff on the same blog, though I lean more toward the latter than Bronze Dog did.

The Doggerel series of posts (also here) is a great catalog of the kinds of fallacies and bad arguments made by believers in woo, newage (rhymes with sewage) believers, and conspiracy theorists. It’s a good resource even now.

It was also how I found out about Qualia Soup, cdesign proponentists. , and What’s the Harm?

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