Top 21 craziest anime/game hair: 5-1

This is the final 5 of my list of 21 of the weirdest, most unrealistic, or just plain crazy examples of hairstyles in anime, manga, and video games.

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

monkey with human hair

#5. Dixie Kong

I wanted to keep this to human-like characters, but in Dixie Kong’s case the fact that she’s a monkey with human-like hair that looks nothing like her fur is part of the weirdness.

But there’s also the fact that she can, depending on the game, either hover or double jump by twirling it. In Donkey Kong Country 2, this also somehow lets Diddy Kong stay in the air longer when he’s following her, even though they’re not touching.

hair is a weapon

#4. Millia Rage

A playable character from the Guilty Gear series of fighting games. It looks crazy enough in this still picture, but her hair is a living bioweapon; she uses it in attacks and to form things like wings.

magic hair

#3. Bayonetta

This umbra witch is kind of like a cross between Millia Rage and Dante. There’s not much her hair can’t do; for example, those clothes she’s wearing? They’re actually part of her hair!

pink blades

#2. Yuma

The main character of Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL, which I’ve never really watched much.

But they were clearly intentionally trying to make his hair more distinctive than Yugi’s, and the result is just ridiculous. Weird spikes in the back, the front is pink and shaped like some kind of blades over his head.

the yellow afro is the normal part

#1. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

The yellow afro is the normal part. This is the title character of one of the most bizarre anime around, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. His fighting style is called Fist of the Nose Hair because, yes, he fights with his nose hair. He is also able to talk to hair. And sometimes his afro flips open and there’s no telling what might come out. (Once in the manga, Yugi did!) Hair doesn’t get any weirder. In fact, almost nothing gets weirder than this series.

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