I wrote this short story for this week’s Flash! Friday!.


Aoi ignored the footsteps behind her.

Midori tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey sis, what’s the gas mask for?”

“I’m going to where Dad died.”

“They won’t let you in. It’s still too dangerous.”

“Midori, I don’t want to lose anyone else. Can’t you come with us to America?”

“I have a career and a husband here. And no, Mom can’t stay, because her new job isn’t here.”

“If Mom died too, we could stay with you.”


Aoi thought about explaining why she was afraid their mother might hurt Akane, but gave up on it; she wasn’t even sure Midori really understood the true strength of the bond between the twins at all.

“Aoi, you can’t take stupid risks, and don’t even joke about killing anyone. Akane is so fragile; she needs you.”

“I know. Dad’s death hit her hardest of all. That’s why I’m following her. To stop her from following him.”


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