Top 21 craziest anime/game hair: 10-6

This is part 3 of my list of 21 of the weirdest, most unrealistic, or just plain crazy examples of hairstyles in anime, manga, and video games.

Part 1 and Part 2.


big hair, no goggles

#10. Taichi “Tai” Kamiya/Yagami

The main character of the first season of Digimon, here he is in the second season, after passing his goggles on to Davis/Daisuke.

Okay, I might be placing him a little too high, but you’ve got to admit having more volume in his hair than in the rest of his head is very distinctive. Losing the goggles only made his hair even bigger.

over 9000

#9. Son Goku

This is one of the most famous characters in anime, shown here in his Super Saiyan 3 form, the most powerful transformation in Dragon Ball Z.

I almost didn’t include Goku because I was just thinking of his regular appearance and first transformation, and Crono is similar to those but moreso. But then I remembered how crazy the changes that come with the Super Saiyan 3 form are. His hair is spiky and long at the same time, and his eyebrows disappear. Hair weirdness level: over 9000.

seeing double

#8. Yugi Mutou and Yami Yugi/Atem

These are the main character(s) of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi and the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, who just looks like an older Yugi. When we see what the spirit looked like when he was alive, it turns out he still looked like that except with darker skin.

Yugi really hits the anime hair quadfecta. (That’s like a trifecta, but with one more.) His hair is spiky, and unnaturally colored, and multicolored, and it bends at weird angles like Sephiroth’s.


#7. Wooden Sword Ryu

One of the rival-turned-friend characters from Shaman King.

His hair sticks out forward almost as far as his arm is long. At one point in the series he had a cut-off version of this that somehow maintained a very flat front.

I can't describe this

#6. Musashi

Obviously the main character of the game that package art belongs to, an action RPG.

Let’s see: gigantic crescent ponytail, long sharp-angled…thing in front, ginormous eyebrows, spiky sideburns…you know, I’m thinking it was a mistake to not have him in the top 5.

And the top 5.

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