Top 21 craziest anime/game hair: 15-11

This is part 2 of my list of 21 of the weirdest, most unrealistic, or just plain crazy examples of hairstyles in anime, manga, and video games.

Part 1 is here.

epic sideburns

#15. Ryoma Nagare

The main character of Getter Robo, and pilot of Getter-1.

Contrary to popular belief, Go Nagai’s involvement with Getter Robo was minimal. But Ryoma has more epic Go Nagai sideburns than any of Nagai’s own characters.


big and purple

#14. Iris

A Gym Leader in Pokemon White, Champion in Black 2 and White 2, and one of Ash’s traveling companions in the anime, Iris is a trainer of Dragon-type Pokemon.

Yeah, her hair’s pretty unusual-looking. But it gets weirder. Axew, the Pokemon in the picture, pretty much lives in Iris’s hair.

foxy lady

#13. Xiaomu

Along with her partner Reiji Arisu (whose own hair gets him the nickname “skunk head”), Xiaomu is one of the original characters from Namco X Capcom, a crossover game that was only released in Japan, and then went on to appear in Endless Frontier and Project X Zone, which were localized.

She’s a kitsune/werefox, but visually the fox motif is carried entirely by her hair. Those may or may not be her actual furry ears, but she’s definitely got some fox tail ponytails.

his hair is going through his hat

#12. Takeru “TK” Takaishi

Matt’s younger brother and Patamon’s partner from Digimon, the kid with the weird hat.

But the weirdest thing about his hat is that his hair is going through it.

mohawk with a hole in it

#11. Birdie

Believe it or not, his hair might not be the most unusual thing about his appearance. He changed from being white to black in between the original Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha, with the explanation being “I was pale because I was sick.”

But yeah, he’s got a mohawk with a hole in it, which doesn’t make any sense. And sometimes he combs it with a knife.

On to part 3.

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