Looking for a writing challenge?

This writing challenge has just had its deadline extended because there’s only one submission; mine. Personally I’m surprised there aren’t a few; I think it’s an idea that has potential for a variety of stories.

So if you want to write something and don’t have an idea, or if you do this kind of thing all the time and just didn’t know about this one, or just want to prove you can write better than me (ideally everyone should write their own before reading anyone else’s, but the situation’s already not ideal), go here.


3 thoughts on “Looking for a writing challenge?”

  1. Thanks for this post. Unfortunately, it tends to fluctuate. I may have to change things up a bit, because 1000 words is often too long for people to take the time to write. They’re busy with their own writing. A shorter length may improve things.


    1. I don’t think 1000 words is too long for a MAXIMUM length, but it’s possible that specifying only an upper limit and not a lower one makes some people feel like there’s an unsaid minimum not too much lower.
      Even though it’s technically more limiting, something like “200 to 1000 words” might sound more welcoming to shorter entries than “under 1000 words” does.


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