Awesome music Thursday: Transformers EVO

There has long been a trend in anime of using random pop songs for openings rather than actually having specially made theme songs. Sometimes that works out just fine, other times not so much.

But one day a group of singers who didn’t like that trend got together and formed a group that would specialize in theme songs. And thus JAM Project was born.

Oh, did I mention that all those singers are very talented and that pretty much everything they’ve done as a group has been awesome?

Meanwhile, Transformers Animated was the best Transformers cartoon ever made in any language, and having the second- or third-best version of the same song that most Transformers series use in English just didn’t seem good enough.

But then Animated was dubbed into Japanese, and guess who did the new theme song? (And best Japanese Transformers theme ever.)

Even if the visuals made for the Japanese opening are a little weird. (Who’s the cloaked villain? Also, the series takes place mostly in Detroit, not all over the world.)


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