If I had a robot to do any one thing

A robot to do any one chore, job, or responsibility; that’s the daily prompt for today.

I thought about it for a minute. What is there that I do, that takes a substantial amount of time, that I don’t feel like I need to have my mind involved in the process of doing it? As much as I dislike tedium, you might think that would be easy, but then I though, if the robot can only do one thing,  it’s probably not smart enough to do anything that actually requires a person to pay attention.

On the other hand, this is a hypothetical so maybe I can define “chore” broadly and not have to think about whether it makes physical sense for a machine to be able to do it “for” me. After all, when we say we want a robot to do something for us, what we usually mean is that we want it to save us some time.

Ultimately, the biggest waste of my time isn’t anything that I do, it’s the time in between doing things; usually a few minutes at a time but it can add up to over an hour a day,  So what I would want would be a robot that could do my waiting for me; just somehow make it so that I have that time all at once so that I can actually use it for something, whether it’s another task or just to relax.

Though if the robot is capable of driving at least as well as I can, I’d be happy with one that can do that.



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